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Social Networking

Studies have shown that an overwhelming majority of consumers visit blogs, forums, video search engines, and other social media sites to obtain information about an online retailer before they purchase its goods or services. In other words, without active social media management of your brand and reputation, traditional marketing strategies will have little impact on your online audience. Our social media marketing services (aka Social Media Optimization or SMO) will enable your company to establish a strong Internet presence and build credibility with both current and potential customers. Using social media tools such as content writing, bookmarking, forum design and promotion, and the creation and development of blogs and social media profiles, we will generate traffic and links for your website and help you to attract a growing base of loyal customers.

Why is social media important?

Social media has become a part of daily life for many Internet users. Social media is primarily a venue for personal communication between individuals. However, many social media sites have evolved and people have found ways to use them for business purposes as well. Sites such as Face book, LinkedIn, and Twitter can be a great way to generate new business by using your existing network of friends. Other sites such as social bookmarking sites (Digg, Delicious, etc.) can generate traffic to your website from articles that you post. If an article posted on a major social bookmarking site receives enough bookmarks to be listed on the front page, it could generate thousands of visitors to your website.

Blogs and forums are other types of social media. These types of social media provide you with additional content posted by yourself and by your users, which will result in more traffic to your website as well as more brand coverage.

What are the long term benefits of Social Media Marketing?

  • Networking
  • Buzz
  • Brand equity
  • Creating trust in a brand
  • Reputation Management
  • Traffic
  • Links for SEO

How do I know if social media marketing is working?

While it is hard to track the results of social media marketing, there are usually ways to tell if your campaign is working. There are several things you can do:

a) Check your website stats and look at your referring logs to see if you are getting any referrals from social media sites.
b) Ask your site visitors and callers how they found you.
c) Keep track of your referrals and see if you are being referred business as a result of your involvement in social media.

What kind of reporting does Existus provide for social media marketing projects?

We normally provide monthly reports on all work performed. For example, if we post anything on any social media sites, blogs, or forums, we will send you a report detailing the posts and/or number of posts made on each site during that month, as well as links to the posts.

Social Bookmarking Service

Social bookmarking is a popular and efficient way for Internet users to store, label, organize, and share with others the articles and websites that they find useful or interesting. Through social bookmarking websites like Digg, Delicious, Reddit, and StumbleUpon, people can assign descriptive tags to their favorite sites, stories, images, or videos, enabling other users with similar interests to discover worthwhile online content. Our social bookmarking service can increase your company’s online presence and generate natural links to your website or blog by submitting content to these and other top bookmarking websites. This can be done with content provided by your company or with articles, blog postings, and other types of content created by our professional writing staff.

Social Media Submission Service

We offer a service for submission to more than 200 social media sites. Your articles, blog posts, or website content can be submitted to 200+ social media sites within days. A report will be emailed to you upon completion. To order, please contact us.

Front-Page Submission Service

Our front-page submission service could get you a front-page listing on DIGG, Propeller, StumbleUpon, or Yahoo Buzz. We guarantee a front-page listing, or we will resubmit a new campaign for you. This service comes with content advice from one of our professional content writers. If we feel that your content may not generate enough traffic to get on the main page, we will advise you of how to re-write your content. You can even use our content-writing services and have us write something for you from scratch. To order, please contact us.

Social Media Profile Creation & Marketing

One of the most important benefits that social media optimization provides is the opportunity to engage with clients on a one-to-one basis and add a personal touch to your Internet marketing efforts. Through the creation and marketing of social media profiles on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, MySpace, Digg, Delicious, Reddit, and YouTube, we will enable your company to more actively reach out to people who are waiting to hear about the products and services that you have to offer. We can create social media profiles on up to 300 social media sites. The benefits of this service are as follows:

  • Create your brand name and lock it down, so you do not risk losing it to cyber-squatters or others with similar brand names. You never know which of these social media sites will be tomorrow's biggest service.
  • Many of these social media sites allow company profiles and links, which will help your link building and search engine ranking efforts
  • Google now uses "social mentions" as a ranking factor
  • Get better rankings in Google Local/Maps, as Google looks for your company address mentions on the web as a trust factor and ranks you better the more times you are mentioned
  • Improve your reputation management activities. If you have problems with negative reviews online, this will be a great service to help push those negative reviews down in Google results.

Blog Design & Promotion

Few social media tools are as versatile as blogs. A successful blog can draw attention to your company and its products and services, establish your organization as a subject matter expert, attract links, enhance your optimization efforts, and provide a venue in which to directly interact with both current and potential customers. Our blog design service can help your company overcome the technical obstacles that may be keeping you from entering the blogosphere. Using either a WordPress template or a custom design tailored to your specifications, we can create a blog with the features and tools you need to promote your business or organization, including widgets, RSS feeds, and more.

Forum Design & Promotion

Internet forums are online message boards that allow users to post topical messages and read or reply to the messages of others. Whether onsite or offsite, an Internet forum can offer your company a tremendous variety of social media marketing benefits. A popular forum could complement a search engine optimization campaign by attracting original, user-generated content that is relevant to your industry and keywords. Successful forums attract traffic and links. Well-tended forums are also an invaluable way to solicit feedback and increase customer loyalty and brand value.