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We at Existus implement process methodologies that ease the process of development comprising of selecting, implementing and monitoring the life cycle for software development. We create a team that is the focal point for process consisting of specialists who possess varied skills and that group will be the center of the collaborative effort of each and everyone involved with software development process. Our development team carries out the programming environment details, such as the particular integrated development environment to be used, dominant programming paradigms, programming style rules, and the choice of specific software libraries or software frameworks. We apply the planned project management technique to design, develop and deploy the software ultimately leading the software projects to meet their expectations in terms of functionality, cost, and above all the delivery schedule.


Software development methodology is the practice of using a particular technique to improve the quality of a software development endeavour. A methodical approach to software development results in coming up with less defects which ultimately provides shorter delivery times and better value. Hence in simple sense a well-documented assemblage of plans, procedures and techniques used to develop a specific software application is called its software development methodology. While we discuss along the system development cycle, a number of available techniques are employed to improve process discipline and enhance the resultant output quality to the highest level. The following are the steps that we follow during the entire process.

  • A clear comprehension of the business requirement.
  • A well planned user documentation and system requirement analysis.
  • Meticulous technical approach, refined architecture, and system design.
  • Development of the approved design into a finished product.
  • Test planning and test undertaking.
  • Instigation of test data for system testing and fine tuning
  • System integration and testing

In addition to this we offer support activities such as:

  • Training and user support.
  • System upgrades.
  • Routine software maintenance.

Software Development Activities

Identification of need

Incorporated structures of technical, collaborative and professional activities backed up with the objective of specifying, designing, implementing and testing a software system can be defined as the process of software development. Establishing which specific services are to be included and the requisite constraints that are to be placed in the operation and development are the primary constituents that are to be considered while initiating a development process. Technical and financial feasibility, requirement elicitation and analysis comprising of what do the users require or expect, defining the requirements in detail and validation of requirements are the main aspects that are to be taken into account as well.

Planning Process

Software design and implementation can be defined as a systematic progression of transforming the system requirement into an executable application or structure. This primarily involves designing the structure that realizes the specification, then meticulously translating this structure into an executable program that when placed in a favourable environment achieves the required action. The activities of planning or designing and implementation are diligently interrelated.


After the primary aspects are confirmed and approved the next phase shall be the design activities that basically are of the following methods which include, identifying the overall structure of the system, the principal components or modules, their relationships and how they are disseminated, defining the interfaces between system components, analysis of the system component and design and its specific operation and finally the system data structures and how these are to be represented in a database.

Implementation, Testing and Documentation

Software implementation is a method comprising of a blueprint to get organizations operative with a specific software product. In general this is a set of procedures essential to manage the most common issues that occur when executing a software application from the organizational point of view and acceptance. System testing is conducted on the completed system to evaluate it's compliance with the specified requirements. The motive of testing is to detect any inconsistencies between the units. Software documentation is an illustration that goes together with software or embedded in the source code. Documentation in general either explains how the software operates and or how to use it since you find users in different responsibilities.

Deployment and Maintenance

Any developed and implemented software application is characteristically supple and can change according to the environmental factors that govern the application. So as and when the requirements demand a necessary transformation, depending on the changing business circumstances, the software that supports the business must also evolve and change. Our technical researchers are constantly on the pursuit of the updating and bringing about the required changes that contribute towards the successful and stable software evolution processes. Our after sales maintenance services are of the highest grade and swift and competent as well.

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